Why Should Millennials Buy Plots Over Apartments?

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The rent generation — Millennials — are widely known for moving from company to company and city to city, refusing to grow roots in a single place. It was the mantra of the older generation to look for a steady job, save up, and settle. However, contrary to this, millennials are keen on experimenting with their social and work life, carpe diem their way through life, and be on the move, constantly. This unpredictable and exciting lifestyle often forces them to find homes for rent instead of opting to buy a home. While renting is the more practical solution given the circumstances, they are also missing out on a great opportunity.

One of the first and big steps of adulting is investments. By choosing to only rent homes and not buy them, millennials are missing out on a solid investment opportunity that lasts for generations. However, with a lifestyle that denies this opportunity, there still is a loophole!

Instead of buying homes, investing in development plots is an equally, if not more, profitable option. Let us tell you why!

By choosing to invest in a plot instead of apartments, you have an asset with growing value for life. Unlike owning an apartment, added expenses like high maintenance charges, electricity and water bills, and more are not factors you will have to bother dealing with. This zero-commitment investment opportunity is the ideal situation for a typical on-the-move millennial.

Another reason why millennials choose to rent and not buy is simply because they cannot afford to. Plotted developments are relatively much cheaper than apartments. Since ROI is one of the biggest factors of investments, know that plots situated in a location with scope for development will only increase in value unlike apartments designed based on current trends.

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