Plotted Development: The Location Checklist

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A real estate investment is a big deal. Let’s be honest . It’s not everyday that you put your hard earned money into a property. So it is always better to read as much, research as much and know as much about your property and the investment decision before taking the plunge. At NBR Group, we encourage you to ask questions and only when you are fully convinced to make a purchase.

One of the most important things that our experts and any real estate expert would advise you is to look at ‘Location’ because a location determines the growth, resale value, convenience and future of the property.

With many plotted development projects offering opportunities for investment, how do you decide what the best option is? Irrespective of the reason why you are buying the plot, there are a few location-specific factors that you should look for in any plotted development projects. They are:

  1. Scope for development: Plotted developers often choose city outskirts because of the availability of land. But when you look for a property, make sure that it is not too far from the city. The perfect sweet spot is a place not far from the city like Hosur-Bagalur road. Plotted development projects in Hosur Bagalur road or near Sarjapur are rapidly growing areas with great potential. This ensures that you can buy the land for cheap and before you know it, the resale value shoots up. They are connected enough to the city that they are a quick drive away to the closest railway station, airport and bus terminal. If you were to build a home, these plots are perfect for immediate construction!
  2. Accessibility to commercial zones: Even if you are not planning to build a house for yourself on the plot, the future buyer might. A place that is close to quality educational institutions like Indus International School, Delhi Public School, The International School Of Bengaluru, along with close proximity to high-end hospitals, and other commercial areas like Big Bazaar, Decathlon, golf courses, are always in demand. If you plan on taking up residence there, you know you can continue a high quality of living.
  3. Good neighbourhood: Most of the time, you only have control over the plot you choose and not the neighbourhood. The plot, when you were buying, might have had a good neighbourhood but after a few years, it could change. Choosing a plot from reputed gated communities that offer acres of land ensures that the neighbourhood suits your standards and stays that way.  
  4. Look for features that ensure high ROI: Connection to a high-way, proximity to major IT hubs and airports, and DTCP approvals are few of the features that are green flags for investors.
  5. Landscaping and amenities: When choosing a land from a plotted developer, it should come with good landscaping, well-maintained infrastructure and high-end amenities. Good plotted developers offer premium infrastructures like tar roads, compound walls, avenue plantation, strong security, sewage treatment plans, and more that are well-maintained. They also provide amenities like swimming pools, gyms, sports courts, club houses, and children’s play areas to create quality community living. These factors ensure good resale value even after years.   

Irrespective of what you want to do with the plot, finding a good developer with plots in a prime spot that still has lots of potential for growth is the aim.

This is why NBR Green Valley, located in a rapidly growing city like Hosur-Bagalur road is one of the most innovative real estate developers. NBR offers you 80 acres of land with sophisticated infrastructure, impressive location perks and high-end amenities to suit your standard of living. Book a site visit, today!

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