WHY invest in DEVANAHALLI? – The BIG question answered

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Bangalore has been very active on the real estate investment scene. There are resident Indians as well as NRIs who have shown a keen interest in the metro. With the coming of the MNCs, IT sector coupled with a robust infrastructure, International Airport and an excellent transport system, Bangalore is showing all positivity with respect to growth of real estate. Of the many areas that are picking up growth, one major area that is showing considerable momentum in real estate is DEVANAHALLI.

Let the realty compass rotate freely and the needle of a high ROI will point at none other than the upcoming suburb in North Bangalore – DEVANAHALLI.  Why has Devanahalli become the talk of the town?

A number of reasons are cited for the same –

•    The new International Airport has come up in Devanahalli in 2008.

•    It is reachable by NH7 known as Bellary Road or Bangalore Hyderabad Highway.

•    The rates of the plots in Devanahalli have escalated tremendously. In 2005 the land was priced at Rs. 200+/- per sq. ft. Now with the coming of the International Airport, the price is Rs. 700+/- per sq. ft. The rate is further expected to escalate to Rs. 1400+/- per sq. ft.

With such high appreciation on the cards, there is every obvious reason to flock to Devanahalli for the best possible land deal!!

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