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As you come across realty projects, have you ever wondered where the projects get their fancy names from? Or have you tried to understand the relation between the naming conventions and the project? The exercise of naming the projects is an important task of the marketing team. Their entire strategy depends on the naming. In Bangalore, NBR Builders have taken this task in each of their upcoming projects. The names of NBR projects clearly state the details of the project in just a word or two.

NBR Green Valley, NBR Meadows, etc. are some of the prominent projects by NBR Builders. These projects, as the name suggests, are dominated by a lush green landscape. The names themselves give the prospective buyer a feel of being nestled in the arms of nature. NBR Hills View gives the buyer a view of an exotic location amidst the hills in Nandi Hills.

The goal of the marketing team while naming the projects is to stir up an aspiration in the minds of the buyers and to associate the project with the names they have been christened with!!!

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