What not to do while buying a home?

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It is quite easy to get confused and misled while buying a home. When you make such a huge investment, it is important to keep a few things in mind before deciding anything.

Read on to learn the common mistakes you should avoid while buying a home.

There are but a few important decisions that one makes in life and buying a home is a major decision for anyone, especially a middle income person. You get to do it once or twice in your lifetime and ensuring that you do it right is important. It is common to rush into things and be blown away by the sales pitch of a builder and not to think through things. Here a couple of things you should avoid doing while buying a home.

Most people venture into buying a home without working out the financial aspects and this can prove to be an extremely bad idea. Never consider buying a property without working out your affordability, the implications of taking a home loan and of course the monthly impact it will have in your budget. Also, make room for exigencies (you can never estimate or foresee them) and ensure that you set aside a handsome sum or at least have plans for medical emergencies of dependants and yourself.

It is not ok to blindly trust whatever you hear and enter into an agreement with the builder. Check the legal aspects, think about the financial aspects, look into the agreement and get an expert legal opinion before you buy. Worrying about these later will do you no good! Do not get carried away by sweet talk and marketing pitch; take everything with a pinch of salt and try to verify things on your own. Read reviews, check the builder’s track record and visit the site from time to time if you are buying a flat under construction to ensure that things are in order.

Doing a complete investigation of the property is important while investing in real estate to ensure that you don’t get duped!

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