Top things to consider while buying a property

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There are quite a few things one has to keep in mind while buying a property.

Since most home owners are newbies, they find it hard to cope with the stress of identifying properties, legal verifications and so on.

Read on to learn the things one has to look out for while buying a property.

There are many real estate hotspots in cities like Bangalore and buyers are flummoxed with the plethora of options available to them. Given the nature of the investment, caution needs to be exercised while zeroing in on the property you choose to invest in. If you are considering buying a property, the top things that you should look for are: location, legally clear titles, amenities, pricing and builder’s reputation.

In a city like Bangalore, it is quite easy to get misled and rush into the home buying process. Location is a primary consideration for most buyers and it should be a top priority when you look at investing. Is the location worth investing in, will it fetch good returns, what are the problems associated with it, is there scope for development in the future, how good is the connectivity and what are the amenities available – these are some of the aspects and queries that you think of asking while buying a property.

Once you decide upon an area, you can look up various projects in it and narrow down your choices based on pricing, builder’s reputation and facilities offered. This will lead you to one or two options and to finalise thereafter, proceed with the legal angle. Ensure that the property has a legally clear title and the land is A Khatha. See if the projects have been approved by leading banks and HFLs. This will make the work easier for you as you can approach any of the institutions that have approved the project for a home loan and learn in detail about the project.

Most buyers don’t look much into the legal aspects and repent later! Proceed with buying a property only when it has a clear title and has an A Khatha.

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