No decision yet on Metro route to Kempegowda International Airport

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Six months have lapsed since the question about possible routes to link Kempegowda International Airport [KIA] with the city through Namma Metro was put in the public domain for consultations and suggestions sites for sale in bangalore 

The only reassurance we have is word from the Minister in charge of Bangalore city that the Chief Minister will soon announce his decision.

On May 12, the Minister met BDS officials and announced the possible route Namma Metro could take to KIA. On the contrary, a BMRCL spokesperson announced that no decision has yet been taken on the possible route to KIA and that the same would be made by the Chief Minister. BMRCL has not received any directive on route finalization from the Government plots in bangalore

Earlier in September put in public domain, nine possible routes to KIA and invited the choice and opinion of general public. In response over a thousand responses were received. People are still awaiting the Government’s decision in this regard.

At present, transit time from Sarjapur Road to KIA is three hours by passenger car. After including two hours of prior check in, it works out to five hours. This can be really very difficult for resident of Sarjapur who flies off and on. So metro would be ideal mode of transit as it can possibly cut down the transit time by half.

For a resident of Whitefield, it may take one and a half hours to reach KIA by road. This is almost double the time taken to reach KIS by road during the wee hours. So metro would be the ideal transit mode for Whitfield residents.

BMRCL is proposing to connect Gottigere on Bannerghatta Road to Nagavara in northeast in the second phase, via MG Road. Foreign Banks have already agreed to extend loans to the tune of Rs. 3000 crores. Earlier, BNRCL was contemplating the extension of this route through Thanisandra, Bagalur and Kannur to connect to KIA.

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