BBMP approved plots in Bangalore

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A plot is a parcel of agricultural land. However, it needs the approval of BBMP in case the agricultural land is located within the jurisdiction of BBMP, if it is to utilized for residential, or commercial, or industrial use by getting the approval of the Competent Authority in BBMP. This is the legal status that allows the real estate developers to develop such plots and seek investors’ interest in investing in this real estate sites for in bangalore

Normally, BBMP accords its approval after weighing the relative benefit of retaining the agricultural use of the land vis-Ă -vis its residential or commercial or industrial use in accordance with the vision of the Mayor of the City.

Whenever someone plans to buy a built-up property in Bangalore, s/he should make sure that the following approvals are in place:

Site approval

The developer needs to obtain the approval of the authority regulating the property development such as BDA, BMRDA, BBMP, BIAPPA etc.

Commencement Certificate (for the building under construction)

A commencement certificate is the token approval granted by the administering authority for using the site for construction.

Conversion Certificate

Conversion from agriculture land to non-agriculture requires the approval from the revenue authority. The revenue authority requests Directorate of Town & Country Planning to issue a NOC for the conversion. This NOC is given by DTCP only when the owner of the land has not been able to derive profitable stream from the land.

Encumbrance Certificate

This Certificate is a record of transactions made on the property in question suring the previous 30 years, and it should be accompanies by secondary documents to avoid any controversy at a later date.

Completion & Occupancy Certificates

These Certificates are issued by the builder. These Certificates facilitate securing home loan for the buyer.

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