Important Documents that can help you strike a perfect deal

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As you take to invest in plot or land in Bangalore make sure you do not make grave errors that could lead you to a roadblock. Property dealings are a daunting affair and it is a blessing to have everything go in accordance. One major folly that could be created in property dealings is erroneous documentation. A minute slip by you and you can land into a legal battle, which could be never ending!

 For your handy reference, we list below important documents that you should take care of while you undertake property dealings –

  1. A mandatorily registered Sale Deed. Before the execution of the Sale Deed all mandatory payments and taxes have to be cleared.
  2. Mother Deed or parent deed that traces the antecedent of the property.
  3. The Building Approval Plan as sanctioned by BMRDA, BIAAPA or any such authority.
  4. Commencement Certificate that is issued by the authority for commencement of work after thorough inspection thereof.
  5. Tax Paid Receipt ensures that taxes for the property are paid up-to-date to the government/municipality.
  6. If the property you are investing is completed, a Completion Certificate becomes vital.

Property documents are an important part of any dealing. Make sure you have them all in place to make your investment hassle-free.

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