Best place to buy plot in Bangalore

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Like every other major city in India, Bangalore was also hit hard by demonetization. Pursuant to this milestone event, Karnataka Government introduced the Akrama Sakrama Scheme. This was further facilitated by the National Green Tribunal’s bid to reduce the lake beds in Bangalore urban.

However, the dust has settled down now and with the massive budgetary push given to affordable housing, real estate demand has risen once again. With this the major questions that arise are the following two:

  1. Which is the best place to buy plot in Bangalore?
  2. Where to buy ones own house in Bangalore?

Plot is an agricultural piece of land parcel in any locality, which gets converted to non-agricultural land with the approval of the Revenue Department. Once the conversion is approved, the developer approaches the jurisdictional authority in BBMP / BDA / BMRDA / BIAPPA, to obtain Conversion Certificate. The Jurisdictional Authority seeks the ‘No Objection Certificate’ of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning [DTCP]. After getting the NOC, the Jurisdictional Authority provides the Conversion Certificate.

From here on, the developer concerned may either take to developing a housing project or undertake plotted development work and address those who want to buy a house or those who wish to buy a developed plots For sale in bangalore 

Bangalore is reported to be the third largest hub for high net worth individuals, a factor that contributes to the surging demands for luxury housing in the form of apartments or plots in Bangalore Sites For sale In Bangalore.

As the southern and eastern zones of Bangalore are known for the commercial complexes and workplaces, major residential demands are driven by these areas.

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