Bangalore Real Estate Plot

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Bangalore Real Estate Plot

Real Estate Plots in Bangalore

Bangalore, the Garden City and the Pensioner’s Paradise, till a decade back, boasted of the availability of land parcels dotting its urban, semi-urban, suburban and rural landscape. As per administrative and formative contexts these land parcels were taxonomically nomenclature into agricultural land bank, under the purview of the Revenue Department.

Plots developed out of these land parcels after conversion of land use to non-agricultural purposes, were sold either to investors or to end-users.

Challenges in the Exponential Growth in the Garden City of India

There are many landmarks for which Bangalore is known for amongst Indians as well as those foreigners who have visited the city. These are Vidhan Soudha, Lalbagh-laid by Hyder Ali in 1760, Visweswaraiah Museum of Science and Technology, Cubbon Park, Ulsoor Lake Island, etc.

However, recently the city has come to be known for being known as the Software Technology Park of India or Electronic City of India due to the movement started by INFOSYS which came to be known over the world as the prime mover of the Indian software industry which generates employment, earns directly and indirectly foreign exchange etc.

Bangalore is also known as IT Capital of India and Silicon Valley of India. It is projected to become home for 10 million people. Its population density is 3000 persons per sq km. The prevailing literacy rate is 84%. There is an exponential growth in the number of people who are opting to make Bangalore their home town, thus making it the fifth largest city in India. Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and English are the languages that people are conversant in.

In summary, Bangalore is home to over 300 high-tech Indian and foreign companies. Bangalore is emerging as a global aerospace industrial hub.

• SPIRIT AERO SYSTEMS, the world’s largest independent supplier of structures for commercial aircraft teamed up with INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES to set up an engineering centre at the INFOSYS campus in Bangalore sites for sale in bangalore.

• The hi-tech aerospace project for INFOSYS, coupled with other global engineering projects in airline industry, is turning Bangalore and India into an engineering hub as well.

• The Indian Institute of Science, India’s most prestigious science research institute, joined hands with Boeing, the leading American manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners and military aircraft, to work on many unique projects to build the next generation flight premium sites for sale in bangalore.

All of the above developments are in the futuristic context of development would propel the real estate market to greater stability and maturity.

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