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Property transactions take time. They cannot be equated to any other kind of holdings like stocks or shares. It is certainly not simple! A number of considerations have to be taken into account before you final the deal. Some important check are listed below –

  1. Once you zero in on the property, check for the builder’s paperwork which goes from licenses to approvals and clearance certificates, approvals and plans.
  2. Check out the banks that are financing the project.
  3. Do not believe your broker, do the calculations on your own.
  4. Verify the credentials of the builder.
  5. Check out the various payment options available in the market.
  6. Check the size of the property as mentioned in the papers.
  7. Personally visit the site.
  8. Register your plot.
  9. Search for any contingency that could hinder further development of your plot.
  10. Check the infrastructure development of the area in the vicinity.

Bear these pointers in mind, and you have already made a hassle-free way into property investment!

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