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A home for every weekend! Is that your quest? If soaking up in the sun, against the lush green landscapes away from the grim and dust of the city life providing a relief to your ears the noiseless environment, check the NBR Green Valley Phase I and II, NBR Hills View, etc. The projects located on the outskirts of city like Hosur, Bagalur Road, etc. provide for a relaxing atmosphere.

Owning a home away from the city life has its own advantages –

  1. Dwelling in the city is like dwelling in concrete jungles. Away from city brings you a step closer to nature and offers a fresh lifestyle.
  2. A home in the outskirts becomes a perfect place you wish to unwind after a toiling week at work.
  3. Apart from stress, pollution is a huge problem causing health issues. A home away from city can give you a breath of fresh air.
  4. Impromptu plans with friends become a stress buster over the weekend.
  5. You can cut all the noise and relax by treating yourself to the chirping of birds or sounds of waterfalls.

Your weekend home brings you not only closer to nature but also takes you away from pollution offers you a healthy lifestyle. Check out NBR projects in Nandi Hills, you would be enthralled!!

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