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Sometimes we don’t really know the depth of anything and take a plunge in it from what we see. Home Loan is one such classic example. We don’t really understand how the whole thing works but the falling interest rates projected in the newspapers or news flashes allures us towards taking a home loan.

Home Loan is not all about falling interest rates! It’s a lot more than that. Before you hastily jump in for a home loan there are a multitude of factors that you need to weigh.

  1. Before submitting your home loan application, know your credit score.
  2. Don’t walk into a lender’s office with zero cash. The requirements keep changing, hence if there is any future loan requirements keep some cash handy.
  3. Taking a low-pay job or quitting your job just while you are on your home loan may throw a wrench in your plans.
  4. The less you owe the better for you. Your debts determine whether you qualify for a loan or not!
  5. Get a pre-approved loan! It works better as now you know what and how much you can afford.

Those who don’t recognize these key points end up with heartache! Hence, it would be ideal to educate yourself before you take a plunge!!

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