The coming up of Smart Cities

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What is a smart city?

A smart city is a developed urban area that can technologically integrate several components to manage city’s assets like school, library, malls, hospital, power plants, local departments, etc.  Some of the world’s leading smart cities are Barcelona, New York, London, Nice and Singapore.

What does a smart city promise its citizens?

  1. Well-developed infrastructure – uncluttered footpaths, dedicated lanes, access to retail markets and schools. A smart city promises easy accessibility to the nearby areas within 30 minutes.
  2. 24 x7 utility services – 24 hours electric supply, rain water harvesting, waste management system, sewage disposal, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.
  3. Improvement in lifestyle – citizens in the smart city would definitely experience an improvement in lifestyle. Malls, pubs, cafes, gym for the recreation. Parks and gardens to maintain the ecological balance. Proper and efficient public transport system to enhance mobility of the citizens. An overall safe and secure environment where one can dwell peacefully with his family.

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