The changing face of Indian real estate sector with Internet penetration

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Internet has made India the third largest user in the world. The figure of Internet users in India alone stands at a whopping 300 million. With increasing influence of the Internet, the way the businesses are conducted is changing its face. Internet has not even spared real estate sector where there is an excess usage of Internet. The digital era has become a game changer! It has infused transparency and the customer is no longer left to the mercy of the seller.

As the demographics are changing a large proportion of property buyers are now seeking refuge on to the Internet to find out about their investment deal. The home research online is influencing their final decision greatly. A study done by Google states that transaction of the value $ 43 billion have been done by taking help from the research done over the Internet. Now with things going into the hands of the Internet, Indian real estate companies are known to have been spending amount as high as Rs. 2,500 crores on online marketing each year!

With more and more technological advances being made, Internet penetration into the real estate sector is going to further increase. Property listings, investor forums, portals, search engines, reviews are some of the arenas of smart marketing!

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