Social Media Trends for Real Estate in 2017

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For several developers, about one-third of their sales is accounted for by digital media. So showcasing your real estate projects on social media platforms is a sure way to reach investors and increase the probability of sales. But the common misconception about social media marketing that posting images of one’s properties can fetch results is not captivating enough plots in sarjapura

Here are some innovative ideas that have been thrown open recently:

360 Degree Video: One of the best ways to catch the imagination of a potential home buyer is to give them a walk through your apartment or villa while the audience is conveniently placed in the comfort of their homes. This will be a source of experiential marketing by showing what lies in store in case they decide to buy your property.

This can best be done with the aid of 360 degree videos which can be created through low cost tools. But its impact can be mind blowing if the video shoot is done well and professionally. It will be akin to a virtual tour of the fully-furnished model apartment or villa. For all of this, the potential buyer is not even required to step out of his home to visit your property.

Interactive Advertisements: This kind of advertising is a mobile-only platform based medium. These are unlike any other format available on social media. These are highly interactive and use a mix of images, videos and other graphic forms and movements, to create a memorable and stunning visual experience on mobile.

This kind of advertisement allows you to interact with the viewer on the same page that he is viewing rather than having to switch to another or different page of the publisher on the mobile.

This is one of the best ways to showcase a property. For example, if your objective is to obtain your customer’s query about the project, then provide a sneak preview of the project’s fully-furnished interiors which prompts the viewer to call as the next step to sites in bagalur

Micro-Targeting: Micro-targeting is a marketing strategy based on consumer profile and demography. For example, if the property is in Whitefield with three bedrooms and three baths, then the profile of the likely buyer would be an IT professional in his thirties and married with two children. The developer can even target end-users around the world, whose home town matches the city where the project is located. This way, the advertisements are displayed to a more specific and niche segment with the probability of selling the property even higher gated community layout in bangalore

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