Realty Co-promoters Brokers and RERA

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As per RERA, anyone or anybody having an understanding with a real estate project developer has the right to share the revenue or the land and gets the status of a co-promoter of the project.

Such co-promoters will be liable in proportion to their agreement with the promoter. But they will be placed equal to the promoter of the project when they withdraw from the designated bank account in upcoming projects in near sarjapura wipro.

According to RERA, all such agreements should clearly lay out the share of each co-promoter and each of these agreements should be put on the web portal of the regulator.

As land prices in urban localities are exorbitant and unaffordable for the developer alone, they are entering into arrangements with the property owners to jointly develop their land holdings, in exchange for an initial payout and subsequent share in revenues.

However, the sale proceeds to these co-promoters should not be considered as cost of the project and withdrawn from the bank account. They will be restricted from withdrawing from the account as if they are joint-promoters to the sites for sale in bangalore

RERA has provisions to penalize Brokers for non-compliance. This non-compliance relates to delays in the project completion and the consequent delay in handing over possession to the buyer and less than promised quality of construction. This penalizing provision is meant to deter brokers from making false promises and claims to induce prospects into buying for villa plots for sale in sarjapura

However, representative of broker organization surmise that how can the broker be held responsible for delays in giving possession to buyers or the quality of construction. Further, brokers are customarily entitled to 1 or 2% of the value of the deal. But, the penalty clause states that the penalty of Rs. 10,000/- per day till the violation continues subject to a ceiling of 5% of the value will render the business of brokers go broke upcoming ventures in sarjapur

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