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Sarjapur is well connected, properties of good value and favorable locations.

Being a quickly developing locality of Bangalore, Sarjapur Road is well connected to key IT hubs such as Whitefield, Electronic City, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli and Koramagala. Sarjapur’s micro-markets are well  positioned to expand rapidly due to the fast developing commercial and residential real estates.

Over two lakh employees in the IT/ITES offices on Sarjapur Road have been residing close to their work place, as housing spaces remained mostly affordable. It is also turning out to be a potential market for villa projects.

 “The density of population in the Sarjapur area is high vis-a-vis other well-developed areas. However, this can also be advantageous, as any investments will lead to sharper price appreciation, spurred by robust demand in the local market,” explains a developer.

The basic convenience of the region is that land prices are low as the IT companies have already done the ground work to keep prices of real estate affordable.

Large land parcels are available on Sarjapur. Consequently, residential costs have risen by  about 10%. In addition, residential property in this area is mostly being acquired by end-user – mainly IT sector employees.

With high quality office space in the supply pipeline and an increase in the affluent employee base in these parts, the demand for housing is likely to remain sustained. The newest residential locales in this area are Haralur Road and Kasavanahalli gated community villa plots for sale in bangalore.

The area is known for the presence of social and other infrastructure as well as greenery and water body. The area is also dotted by well known educational institutions.

The Outer Ring Road conveniently connects Bangalore laterally and further, its traverse ability has been improved with the cross-roads free corridor. This permits the local population to commute to various destinations within the city with ease and increased momentum sites for sale in bangalore. 

There are however, a few drawbacks such as a few congested intersections, poor quality internal roads,  lack of good traffic management and constrained water supply. But given the intent of the local authorities and the State Government, these are not insurmountable issues. Given time, the same would get sorted out in good time.

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