Plot Rates in Bangalore

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All along, land was one of the viable investment instruments in Bangalore as was the case in other big cities. But it is no longer so in Bangalore. The reason being, land prices have become inflationary and investors find only a limited scope for profitable ventures villa plots for sale in bangalore.

In the past two decades, investors have preferred multi-storey apartments because it involves lesser risk, efforts of development and maintenance.  Preference for plotted developments has fallen from 32% to 25% in the first quarter of 2017. This preference was standing at 50% in year 2000.

The reason is not very far to see when we consider that land parcels now are costlier than apartments. So only those with surplus money purchase land for the purpose of long-term investment or end-use.

About a decade back, homebuyers would take into account aspects like caste, proximity to cremation ground, and the gentry of the locality. But now budget remains the core concern while deciding to buy a house or apartment. The same reason justifies the outward expansion o Bangalore as also other big cities in India.

Inflation has played a pivotal role for this change in the face of real estate in India sites for sale in bangalore.

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