KSPCBs inspection of 159 Apartment Complexes

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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has given Karnataka State Pollution Control Board [KSPCB] one month’s time to check pollution of Bangalore’s largest water body namely, Bellandur Lake, due to the sewerage discharge into the lake. According to residents in the 159 apartment and commercial complexes surrounding the lake, they are required to reuse 100% of the treated sewage. But they are left with excess treated water after using it for landscaping as well as car washing and they do not have a credible solution in response to BWSSB’s notice requiring zero discharge into the lake. KSPCB is scheduled to check the efficiency of the sewage treatment plants of these housing and commercial complexes.

The Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority is working overtime to develop wetlands for the Bellandur lake. According to a reliable source, they are working on identifying areas, designs and estimates of wetlands and the estimates will be ready within the time bound schedule.

KSPCB has asked 30 polluting industries around Bellandur lake to shut down in response to the NGT’s April 19 order to close down all the 500 industries around the lake in a bid to clean it up of effluents flowing in from them and hundreds of houses and apartments in the vicinity.

The NGT also banned dumping of municipal solid waste and ordered the levy of Rs 5 lakhs on the offenders.

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