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With the Indian economy taking a front stage appearance on the global scale, NRIs are seen keenly investing in their motherland. Mainly they are interested in the real estate sector as it is promising them great returns. The boom in the real estate sector in metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, and especially Bangalore has opened up avenues of investment opportunities for the resident Indians who seem to make the most of luxurious projects at affordable prices as well as for the NRIs who seek long term benefits in terms of ROI.

A recent survey conducted by the Economic Times mentions Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai as the most favored real estate investment destinations by the NRIs. The reasons that NRIs are seen moving towards India for investment opportunities are –

  1. Dollar rate appreciation
  2. Homes for each one and all
  3. Higher ROI – short term and long term

The homeland is now turning to be an investment haven for the NRIs. The positive real estate scenario in the country is taking a front seat and inviting many NRIs to take their pick now!!

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