In pursuit of Housing for All in India by 2022 through the inclusion of Affordable Housing under Infrastructure

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The story of Real Estate Industry in India since independence has been that of a rabble rousing mechanistic system that exists only in two states as that of with or else without shelter, which is the third most basic need of society after food and clothing. For latest Indian Real Estate News, follow villa plots in sarjapur

Realty sector has all along been the most exploitative and insidiously covert industry in its modus operandi. Real estate developers who have been the mainstream beneficiaries of this game have been the pivot of this mechanistic system having only two states of existence namely, with, or else, without ‘shelter’ which is the third most basic need of any society.

Their representatives are now citing the World Bank assigned ranking to India of 185 out of 187 in the scale for ease of getting clearances in the real estate projects and likening India’s predicament to those countries where their economies are in a total shambles, to drive home their point that real estate requires ‘Deregulation’ instead of the laudable initiative taken by both the UPA and NDA Governments in tandem to bring in transparency, equity, clarity and parity into the prevailing system through the introduction of Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act 2016. Hearing this logic the drum out of the ear to say the least. Browse land for sale in sarjapur road for latest Indian Real Estate information.

The representatives give an account of their pain in the following verse quoted verbatim hereunder:

“Since 2010 there has been a lot of pain in the market where developers sold properties at low prices and then were hit by severe inflation, resulting in a large number of projects being uncompleted. Construction and approval costs spiraled out of control. This was coupled with very high interest rates, as borrowings are essential for construction projects. Most projects sold in that period resulted in heavy losses on the balance sheets of developers.”

In their world, ‘Deregulation’ is the all-in-one solution to whatever is ailing India’s realty sector and period. For latest Indian Real Estate News, follow gated community plots in sarjapur road

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