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The tradition of buying a plot in Bangalore

Till about two decades back, Bangalore was largely a Pensioner’s Paradise and a Garden City. It was only later that it acquired the titles of IT Capital of India, Silicon Valley of India, Fastest growing city of India etcetera.

The above said transition was also market by a marked propensity the migrants to the city to prefer to move into a ready to move in apartment, duplex flat, row-house, villa etcetera.

Howsoever, the traditional inhabitants of the city have still been going along with the traditional wisdom of investing in plots as these are invariably going to be profitable instruments of investment. Even in case of end-users, they prefer to buy plots for independent houses in a gated community or a BDA/KHB/BBMP developed layouts which offer the mic of built up homes in flats, row-houses as well as developed plots sites in bangalore

Real Estate Market movements in Bangalore

Bangalore is a favorite destination for not only Global IT companies but also for property buyers. The clement weather, the global lifestyle and improving infrastructure has made Bangalore a haven for new property buyers. The city is dotted by a number of builders and developers who in turn churn in with many new projects.

In case one wishes to purchase residential property in Bangalore, there are various options beginning with the single seated room to independent bungalows and villas. But selecting a suitable location can be a tough task as one will have to choose a property that suits ones needs and budget.

The price of a real estate depends on the type of the property and the location. You need a have a bigger budget if you are searching the centre of the city and that which is very well connected with the rest of the city. But in case you are quite satisfied with an interior property, then there are no budgetary problems.

Property prices in Bangalore depend on the type of property and location. If the property is located in heart of the city, then the prices of real estate tend to be costly. In case you prefer the outskirts of Bangalore, then the prices of real estate in outskirts tend to be cheaper villa plots for sale in bangalore.

With an increase in demand for real estate from the growing population of middle class, the brokers and builders are the main beneficiaries.


No matter what is the market situation, those who are inclined to buy plots will always tend to do so in any kind of investment climate and investment risks involved therein.

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