Builders calibrated response to Affordable Housing for All

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With the Government of India announcing various measures in support of its slogan of “Affordable Housing for All by 2022”, builders in Bangalore are revamping their housing construction plans to accommodate the ‘affordable’ factor into their schemes. Such moves will allow the builders to secure institutional funding at concessional terms.

This trend is catching up with several prominent builders and promoters with the result that reconfigured plans of mid-size dwellings getting down-sized to affordable houses has become the key consideration in order to avail the benefits of affordable housing being classified as “Infrastructure”.

According to a market analysis report, demand for affordable housing is growing all over Bangalore and there is constant demand in the outskirts, keeping in view the metro plans and ring road periphery.

Consequently, many affordable housing projects are cropping up in the suburbs of Bangalore and such localities offer large parcels of land at economical acquisition costs. Attibelle in Bangalore south, Kengeri in Bangalore west and Lake front in Bangalore north are the most notable affordable housing projects in Bangalore.

The housing units are made affordable by condensing the units, conciliating amenities and USPs. The areas which have witnessed highest demand are Hosur Road, Mysore Road and Kanakapura Road. 

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