BDA approved plots for sale in Bangalore

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BDA – Local Jurisdictional Authority

Bangalore Development Authority was created by an Act of the Karnataka State Legislature for the specific purpose to accelerate the development of housing, infrastructure, civic amenities and public facilities which would otherwise not have fallen upon any one single jurisdictional authority under the local government or the state government.

BDA Approval

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) had been for decades undertaking construction of residential layouts consisting of developed plots, constructed flats, row houses etcetera. Apart from these, BDA also created provisions for the private real estate developers to develop plots for sale after getting the formal approval of BDA’s Jurisdictional Authority. This was done on one hand to lessen the burden on BDA to offer developed plots for sale in all the residential and upcoming real estate bearing areas.

BDA Approved Plots for Sale

BDA evaluates upcoming residential localities wherein it sees considerable scope for private developers having a constructive role to play in developing residential sites. Here, it invites the Expression of Interest [EOI]. After careful evaluation of the technical and financial bids, it accords its award of rights for plot development to the bidder with the best technical competence and the most economical terms of sale of BDA approved plots plots in bagalur


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