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Developing Bangalore Sites

Bangalore is the only metropolitan and cosmopolitan city in India which boasts of the availability of land parcels in its urban, semi-urban, suburban and rural localities within the Bangalore Urban District limits! Till a decade back, this Pensioners’ Paradise served its inhabitants well by providing investible plots or sites of land which could later be converted to one’s retirement home. This luxury was not afforded in other metros. People depending on their pockets could choose the locality for purchase of sites accordingly and keep it for conversion into a second home or retirement home plots for sale in bangalore

This was the predominant route that people adopted in Bangalore for acquiring Bangalore sites. It served well as an economically viable way of meeting one’s ends in good time.

After the entry of the IT majors in India from within and without, the scenario has been undergoing formal significantly and challenging the city’s fathers to take umbrage for a systematic overhaul of the state of affairs presenting themselves to its inhabitants and industry captains alike.

Compulsions of Modern and Post-modern Bangalore

Bangalore ranks number one out of all the seven major cities of India in terms of lower vacancy levels at slightly less than four per cent.

This position is mainly on accord of IT industry growth at a pan India level with higher concentration in Bangalore followed by Pune and Chennai. As a corollary, it follows that developers in Bangalore have to watch out in terms of creating higher levels of quality office spaces in time lest IT company investors look elsewhere such as in Hyderabad and Pune to meet their requirements sites for sale in bangalore

The total stock of office space available in Bangalore is the highest in India, while followers Hyderabad and Pune add up their stock that amounts to less than that of Bangalore. But developers in all the three cities are seen to be struggling to measure up to the quality option of buyers/hirers.

Bangalore’s availability of talent, scale of tech industry and start-ups have helped the city attain a number one spot. However, it will be difficult to maintain this position for long, given Bangalore’s sprawling urban growth, less of planning, environmental degradation and lack of developed infrastructure.

The aforesaid challenges are not specific to Bangalore alone. It is a dominant theme of major cities in the developing world. But the city planners and developers have their tasks cut out to keep Bangalore ahead of other cities in India and the world over Sites in bangalore.

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