Property buying guide – A legal perspective!

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As you set out to buy a house or a property, there are a number of documents required. A check on these would ensure that you do not end up becoming a plaintiff at the end of the deal. If you are a person who would hate to encounter unpleasant experiences, then a little advice from experts would help you to verify or scrutinize the documents and make your process hassle-free.

  • It is a must to check the documents thoroughly. You must insist on seeing the original set of documents and not rely on the photocopies.
  • Make the huge down payment only when you are thoroughly satisfied with the authenticity of the documents.
  • Some of the common documents that are requires are –
    • Sale Deed/Title Deed
    • RTC Extracts
    • Katha Certificate
    • Building Plan [sanctioned]
    • Allotment Letter by the Builder
    • Copy of Possession Letter
    • Sale Agreement with Seller & other documents…

With the above all in place, you have an ensured peace of mind as you set to make investment in property!!

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