1. Mention “realty” name during any communication with their prospective customers
  2. Significant influence the closing of a sale as evidenced by accompanying the prospective customer to the project site, introducing the prospective customer to the sales team member/relationship manager and bringing the prospective customer to the “NBR Group “ Corporate Office for booking the unit
  3. Communicate project related details to the prospective customer as provided/approved by the NBR Group, for instance with respect to payment time-lines, project completion dates, project details.
  4. Not misuse the NBR Group brand name for personal benefit. For example, NBR Group may have privilege offers which the channel partner must not take advantage of
  5. Abide by the NBR Group brand guidelines on advertising materials and clearly mention own company name and contact details on all marketing collaterals developed and/or used post taking necessary approval from the management of NBR Group.
  6. Not indulge in sharing of channel partner fee with customers / NBR Group personnel nor attract prospective customers through sharing of fee or similar offers
  7. Not unnecessarily interfere with the day to day functioning of project sites, marketing and Sales offices, corporate office.
  8. Obtain registration under RERA Act and provide the RERA registration number
  9. All communication materials /collaterals used by the channel partners have to be approved by the NBR Group.
  10. Rs.20/- Per Square feet will provide as a commission based on Project specified sales slab after deducting TDS/Tax’s if any.
  11. Commission amount will be issued/released on completion of Registration (or) On Registration.

As part of the relationship with NBR Group the Channel Partner is expected to follow these actions in their role:

  1. Communicate and share details about NBR Group’s projects with prospective customers
  2. Bring new market opportunities to NBR Group.
  3. Document each discussion with prospective customers.
  4. Influence the prospective customer to take quick, informed buying decisions.
  5. On conclusion of a deal, ensure that the appropriate booking form is filled by the customer completely and the customer is introduced to the channel partner’s sales team member.
  6. Follow up with customer to collect the dues with respect to payment plan agreed.
  7. Keep the sales pipeline busy with a steady stream of new customers.


  1. Appointment of Channel Partner is at the absolute discretion of the NBR Group. NBR Group may accept or reject the application without providing any reason.
  2. Incomplete application and/or application not accompanied with appropriate documents (such as Constitution documents and Registration certificates issued by Commercial Taxes Department/Service Tax Authorities) will not be processed
  3. The Applicant confirms that he/she is not involved in any economic offenses, tax default or moral turpitude
  4. The Channel Partner needs to provide any additional information/document required by the NBR Group once being on-boarded.

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